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Wide Body T-Nut Chisel Tooth Studs


Superior stud for loose surface racing. 48 pieces More >>

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Woody's Snowmobile Racing Wide Body Steel T-Nut Chisel Tooth Studs

  • Significant increase in flat surface grabbing area over the standard Chisel Tooth
  • Through-hardened, alloy steel
  • The "Cut Back" style stud has all the advantages of the standard style stud with a significant weight reduction
  • 7mm use Dished T-Nut ATD-9387 
  • 48 Piece Package

CWB-1060 1.060" "Steel Wide Body Chisel Tooth" Stud 7mm
CWBC-1060 1.060" "Steel Wide Body Chisel Tooth" Stud - "Cut Back" Style 7mm

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The Wide Body Chisel Tooth should be used in combination with another competition stud for optimum results. Contact Woody's competition tech line for assistance.

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