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Woody's Aftermarket Ski Runners

Runners Available for C&A, Curve, Slydog, USI, Split Rail and Simmons Snowmobile Trail Skis. 

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If you don't find the runner you are looking for contact us. We'll do our best to help you find a runner to fit your ski. Woody's - Ask the Experts


USI 1040 4 Bolt Ski     USI 1050 4 Bolt Ski     USI 1050 5 Bolt Ski


Product Description Part Number
USI Ski 4 Bolt - SS, Tunnelblade, Tunnelight, Tunnelwide, SS Railer
4 Inches-60°Carbide-Extender Trail III ESI3-1040
6 Inches-60° Carbide-Trail Blazer IV TSI4-1040
8 Inches-60°Carbide-Square -Executive WSI-1040
USI Ski - Project X, X2, PX, SPX
4 Inches-60°Carbide-Extender Trail III - 5 BOLT ESI3-1050
4 Inches-60°Carbide-Extender Trail III - 4 BOLT ESI3-1050-4B
6 Inches-60° Carbide-Trail Blazer IV - 5 BOLT TSI4-1050
6 Inches-60° Carbide-Trail Blazer IV - 4 BOLT TSI4-1050-4B
8 Inches-60°Carbide-Executive - 5 BOLT WSI-1050
 Inches-60°Carbide-Executive - 4 BOLT WSI-1050-4B
6 Inches-60°Carbide-Square ACE - 5 BOLT AU6-1050
6 Inches-60°Carbide-Square ACE - 4 BOLT AU6-1050-4B
8 Inches-60°Carbide-Square ACE - 5 BOLT AU8-1050
8 Inches-60°Carbide-Square ACE - 4 BOLT AU8-1050-4B


C&A Trail Ski   Slim Jim for Aftermarket Skis.   C&A Mini Ski 4500 Series Runners  

Product Description Part Number
Fits C&A ADX/Advantage X, RZ, Razor, MTX, TRX, XT, XTX Skis and Curve XSM, Extreme XSSkis
Hardweld Runner-Top-Stock HSC-5000
4 Inches-60°Carbide-Extender Trail III ECA3-5000
6 Inches-60° Carbide-Trail Blazer IV TCA-5000
8 Inches-60°Carbide-Executive WCA-5000
6 Inches-60°Carbide-Square ACE AC6-5000
8 Inches-60°Carbide-Square ACE AC8-5000
4 Inches-60° Carbide-Slim Jim SC4-5000
6 Inches-60° Carbide-Slim Jim SC6-5000
8 Inches-60° Carbide-Slim Jim SC8-5000
Fits C&A Mini Skis
Standard Runner - No Carbide SCC-450R


Sly Dog Powder Hound Trail Ski Runner.

Description Powder Hound Ski Part Number
Fits 6", 7" & 8" Powder Hound Skis and Hell Hound Ski
4 Inches-60°Carbide-Extender Trail III ESL3-3200
6 Inches-60° Carbide-Trail Blazer IV TSL4-3200
8 Inches-60°Carbide-Executive WSL-3200


Flex Ski - Original and Gen II Simmons Ski

Description Simmons Flex Ski/Original and Gen II Part Number
4 Inches-60°Carbide-Extender Trail III ESM3-7000
6 Inches-60° Carbide-Trail Blazer IV TSM4-7000


Buy Woody's Runner For Split Rail Skis.

Runner Description Part Number
Fits SPLIT RAIL and KIMPEX Arrow/Arrow II Skis
Standard Wear Bar RUS-9255
Hardweld Runner-Top-Stock HSD-9255
4 Inches-60°Carbide-Extender Trail III ESD3-9255
6 Inches-60° Carbide-Trail Blazer IV TSD4-9255
8 Inches-60°Carbide-Executive WSD-9255
6 Inches-60°Carbide-Square ACE AS6-9255
8 Inches-60°Carbide-Square ACE AS8-9255
  • The Executive runner has 8" of 60° turning carbide. It is suitable for competition and experienced riders. The carbide in this runner must be balanced with a studded track.
  • The Ace Bar has 6" or 8" of 60° turning carbide on a tall, square host bar. Works great if you ride in deep snow.
  • The Trail Blazer IV runner has 6" of 60° turning carbide. Great if you are looking for overall improvement in handling to replace your OEM runner. Use with a studded or un-studded track.
  • The Extender Trail III has 4" of 60° turning carbide for trail touring. Use with a lightly studded or un-studded track.
  • Hardweld and Standard bars do not have carbide inserts.
  • The Dooly has two Flat-Top runners mounted on a plate which significantly reduces darting. The carbide in the ski follows the same riding guidelines as single bars.
  • The Slim Jim is built from one piece of steel. The runner portion is taller for deeper penetration for superb darting reduction and cornering control.