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Angled Digger® Aluminum Support Plates

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Lake Riders love this support plate. The unique 7° angled designed support plates holds the stud off perpendicular from the track. Under load the stud moves to perpendicular enhancing the consistency of acceleration and aiding the stud to resist going past perpendicular in the other direction.

Watch the video to learn about triangle support plates.



Check the Traction Application Guide

  • Angle Diggers are available in natural aluminum only.
  • High grade, light weight aluminum.
  • Trail riders use with 5/16" trail studs.
  • Read the instructions before installing.

The application guide displays your options for studding patterns and gives you a choice of the type of support plate you prefer to use.

 Other Woody’s products needed: Stud PatternTemplatesUniversal Track DrillTrack Marker

The chart lists the package sizes and part numbers available. 

ANG-3775 Natural - 5/16 - 24 pcs
ANG-3775-B Natural - 5/16 - 96 pcs
ANG-3775-C Natural - 5/16 - 144 pcs