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 Economic Impact of Snowmobiling in the United States $ 26 BILLION annually!

Here’s how much can be yours. 

  • Everybody needs new runners. If 1.4 million snowmobilers bought new runners at an average $100/pair that  would result in $140,000,000.00 in runner sales. 
  • If all the 54,028 new sleds sold in the U.S. in 2013 left the dealer floor with studs and new runners at an average cost of $500.00. You would have generated sales of > $27,000,000.00
  • Let’s say only 25% of snowmobilers buy new runners and only 25% of new snowmobiles are studded---we’re still talking $33 million. 
  • In a 2012 survey-Guess who had three part numbers in the top 25 selling snowmobile accessories.
  • Somebody is making a bunch of money. Might as well be you. 
Snowmobiler Data 2014



Free Woody's Traction Sales Tools

As a successful salesperson,  your time is valuable. We have put together a list of tools and resources so when you walk into a dealership-you are already a Woody's traction expert. You can answer all their questions and show them Woody's complete line of traction products. Send us your questions in the form below.

No Hype - Great Products and Even Better Service

Reasons a Dealership would want to buy Woody's studs and runners from you.

1) No Hassle Warranty Policy  - I know everyone says that, but we've been doing it for over 40 years. You can call us direct.  Anyone answering the phone can help with warranty questions.       Call Us - We'll Listen and Take Care of It !

2) Free Stuff - We have lots of specialized knowledge to share with you.

  • Application Guide  Easiest way to find the right stud and runner  & accessory part numbers. Tell the parts department and floor sales person to create a direct link to Woody's Traction Application Guide on their computers, phones or tablets. We can help, contact Larry Tiede for assistence in creating a visable link to our digital Traction Application Guide.
  • Technical Tips - We have lots of specialized knowledge to share. Let the dealership know, Woody's continually updates thier site with new information about snowmobiles.
  • Template Patterns with instructions how to use them. Downloadable template patterns. Woody's  technicians will help them with stud patterns.
  • Stud and Runner Installation Instructions - guide to show you what tools are needed and the steps how to install studs correctly. For the do-it-yourselfer that buys Woody's studs and runners. 
  • Ask The Experts - Let your dealer know, Woody's is just a or email away. We have technical assistence available year round-ready to help. Call Woody's Tech Line: (+1(989) 689-4911 ext. 450
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