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Snowmobile Track Carbide Studs

Woody's studs are easy to install.  We've got great instructions, videos, and all the tools you need to do it right. Questions?  Our tech support line will help you through the process. Give them a call. It's like having a Woody's Tech in your garage.

Check out the application guide to find the exact snowmobile studs and ski runners you need for your sled. Why wait? Do it now.

Taking off, steering, and stopping on hard pack snow, mud or ice is unpredictable...when you don't have enough traction. Installing carbide studs in the track and upgrading your carbide runners seriously improves how you can drive.

Then you've got........

               Freedom to ride as far and fast as you want

Ride after ride, Woody's carbide tipped studs make and maintain a reliable, constant connection to the surface you are driving on.  Not only for moving down the trail, but also for safe starting, stopping and steering without slipping sideways.

Did you know Woody's Grand Master Studs and the Ski-Doo Phanthom Stud are the same thing? We supply them to Ski-Doo. All the snowmobile manufacturers sell Woody's studs.

Step By Step Video To Help You Choose The Right Stud.

Studs are available with different tip designs to enhance the carbide studs' ability to grip the terrain. Get expert stud information to help you choose the right stud for the terrain you ride the most.

The Traction Application Guide will show you the correct stud length and studding pattern for your snowmobile.

  • Woody's Best Selling Stud, Gold Digger Traction Master.

    Gold Digger Traction Master
    Starting At $ 50.95
  • Mega-Bite
    Starting at $ 43.95
  • Woody's Signature Series Snowmobile Track Stud.

    Signature Series
    Starting at $41.98
  • Woody's Trigger Snowmobile Track Stud.

    Starting at $ 135.95
  • Woody's Steel Chisel Tooth Snowmobile Track Stud.

    Steel Chisel Tooth
    Starting at $ 96.98
  • Woody's Grand Master snowmobile track stud for single ply tracks.

    Grand Master
    Starting at $ 28.95
  • Woody's Grand Master Pro snowmobile track stud for single ply tracks.

    Grand Master Pro
    Starting at $ 126.95
  • Buy Mega Bite Studs.

    Mega Bite
    Starting at $43.95

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