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Easiest Way to Find the Correct Stud Pattern Template

New for 2017-2018!!!

Woody’s template stud patterns are designed by our technical & engineering staff. They often work with the snowmobile manufacturers when developing stud patterns. The Traction Application Guide has stud pattern and template recommendations for snowmobiles from 1996 to present. The benefit of using Woody’s stud pattern templates are:

  •  Save time with marking the stud pattern.
  •  Maintain consistency of stud placement.
  •  Use templates for a professional pattern.
  •  Maximize the effectiveness of each stud.
  •  Eliminate damage to critical snowmobile components.

The patterns take into consideration the critical components of the snowmobile while providing as many scratch lines as possible. The scratch line is when the stud digs into the snow or ice and is not following the line of another stud. This gives you maximum traction from each stud.

Using a Woody’s stud pattern template is a smart idea. However, there are still many ways to personalize your track without sacrificing the benefits of maximum scratch lines and stud placement consistency. Most snowmobiles have stud pattern options for

  • Stud Quantity.
  • Support Plate Configurations and Color.

If you have replaced the original track from the snowmobile manufacturer, contact your dealer or Woody’s for stud pattern recommendation.

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