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Replacment Snowmobile Nyloc Nuts

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Woody’s lock nuts have a ring of nylon inside the thread. Lock nuts are designed to increase locking force and prevent the nut from coming loose.

The correct size and amount of nuts are included in the stud packages. If you remove your studs, the nuts cannot be reused. Purchase replacement nuts.

Lock Nuts


Part Number      Description                                

NYLC-5020       Lock Nuts Steel Class C-48 pcs.     

Big Nuts


Part Number  Description                         
                      For Studs 1.175" to 1.450" 

ALN2 4500      Short Big Nut-5/16-24 pcs.     
ALN2-4500-B   Short Big Nut-5/16-96pcs.      

                      For Studs 1.575" and longer

ALN2-7000     Tall Big Nut-5/16-24 pcs        
ALN2-7000-B  Tall Big Nut-5/16-96pcs.        

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