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Clarification of Stud Usage in Quebec


Minister Robert Poëti never intended to ban track studs for snowmobiles

Québec City, January 21, 2016 – The Québec Minister of Transport, Robert Poëti, wishes to specify that, in the context of the pilot project concerning the use of non-skid devices on the tires or tracks of off-highway vehicles, it was never his intention to ban track studs for snowmobiles, reiterating that safety, whether on or off the road, is one of his constant priorities.
“When the ministerial order was drafted, a generalization of the measures to all OHVs may have led people to believe we intended to restrict the use of track studs for snowmobiles. This is absolutely not the case. To avoid any confusion in its application, the wording of the order will, therefore, be clarified as soon as possible,” Minister Poëti mentioned.

The Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec expressed reassurance at the Minister’s remarks. “We consider this is excellent news for the safety of snowmobile enthusiasts and the winter tourism industry”, Federation President Denise Grenier acknowledged, while offering her full cooperation on this issue.

“This is excellent news for the snowmobile industry. I invite snowmobilers from everywhere to practice their sport while discovering the winter riches and hospitality found in every region of Québec,” the Minister of Tourism, Dominique Vien, pointed out.

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Anne-Catherine Couture
Press Attaché
Office of the Minister of Transport
Tel.: 418-643-6980

Florent Tanlet
Press Attaché
Office of the Minister of Tourism
Tel.: 418-528-8063

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A victory for snowmobile safety!

The Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec (FCMQ) is pleased to report that its collaboration with the Minister of Transport has led to the resolution of the contentious snowmobile track stud ban issue. As a result, snowmobiler safety, as well as the important level of economic activity linked to this winter tourism product, has been protected.

Discussions between the FCMQ and MTQ have been on-going since the publication of the pilot project and collaboration and goodwill between the two parties led to this favourable outcome. The FCMQ wishes to acknowledge and thank the MTQ for its openness and cooperation in this critical matter.

The FCMQ is the sole snowmobile community stakeholder recognised by the Ministry of Transport. Denise Grenier, President of the Board of directors, wishes to thank the numerous partners who intervened in the file and showed support in this question which is of utmost importance to the snowmobiling community. “We are pleased to have been able to count on our numerous allies in the tourism industry. Thanks to their involvement, we were able to protect this industry which is responsible for generating in excess of $2 billion in annual economic activity along with creating thousands of jobs.” Mrs. Grenier notes that the resolution of this matter is particularly welcome during International Snowmobile Safety Week.

Michel Garneau, Director of Business Development, commented on the government`s openness regarding information which clearly showed the safety benefits afforded to the snowmobiling community by traction products. “This is undoubtedly great news, particularly in a winter during which ice is so prevalent on trails across Quebec”


For additional information:
Michel Garneau
Federation des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec

Click here to download a PDF of this full Press Release

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