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Grand Master Pro™ Single Ply Track Stud

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The Grand Master Pro snowmobile stud with a 60° carbide tip in a steel shank makes an aggressive profile to easily penetrate hard pack and ice. 

  • Grand Master Pro has 60° carbide insert.
  • A 1.200" head makes a larger anchor to distribute pressure over a wider area on the single ply track.
  • This is the same stud as BRP's Phantom Sharp Stud.
  • This stud cannot be used in a traditional 2 ply track.
  • The 2.52 pitch single ply track cannot accommodate the Round Grand Digger support plate. Use the Square and Double Grand Digger support plates.

The chart below has all the available Grand Master Pro package sizes and lengths. Other Woody’s products needed to stud your sled: Digger Support PlatesStud Pattern TemplatesUniversal Track DrillTrack Marker 

Woody's Part #      Package Description
GMPP-1075-48 1.075" - 5/16 - GMPP-1075- 48 - 48 pc. Pkg. with Nyloc Nuts (NYLC-5020)
GMPP-1325-48 1.325" - 5/16 - GMPP-1325- 48 - 48 pc. Pkg. with Short Big Nuts (ALN2-4500)
GMPP-1450-48 1.450" - 5/16 - GMPP-1450-48 - 48 pc. Pkg. with Short Big Nuts (ALN2-4500)
GMPP-1575-48 1.575" - 5/16 - GMPP-1575-48 - 48 pc. Pkg. with Tall Big Nuts (ALN2-7000)

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