Woody’s Hookup Traction Guide is our new and improved Application Guide that will help you, our dealer, sell more traction products with less effort directly through their website! Just imagine THIS on your website with a shopping experience of your own!

The Hookup makes specifying traction products drastically easier for you and makes purchasing them drastically easier for your customers. Having it on your dealership website allows you to own the entire customer shopping experience. The tool will automatically be updated for you by Woody's, recommending the best setup for almost any stock machine and riding style in just a few clicks. This is a win for you — and for your customers.



  • Add a Woody's technician to your website
  • Available for any website platform
  • Data is always up-to-date—thanks to Woody's
  • Simple tool to sell multifaceted traction products
  • Valuable information at your fingertips
  • Provide the correct product recommendations to your customers, FAST!


  • Own the entire customer experience
  • Quick & easy checkout
  • Could consider the Hookup a new product/service
  • Advertise tool and gain website traction
  • "Brand" the Hookup with your website header/footer
  • Don't have to be on the vNext platform
  • Higher ROI potential


A significant advantage of the Hookup Traction Guide is your customer's ability to find and purchase the right traction products on your website in just a couple clicks. This is possible because the tool is developed with the support of vNext Technologies, a motorsports eCommerce platform.

Your current site does not need to be on the vNext platform to take advantage of this tool. The Hookup has minimal fees, all of which are paid directly to vNext Technologies. Woody's will receive no kickback from dealer sales through the platform. Our goal is to make it easier for our dealers to sell Woody's brand products.



Have questions about benefitting from the Hookup? Please review these frequently asked questions, and if yours has not been answered yet, Katie will be happy to provide an answer:


We want to make sure the Hookup performs flawlessly, so we’re rolling out the tool on our website and to a small group of dealers in the Spring of 2018. We expect it to be widely available to all U.S. dealers for the 2018-19 riding season.

If you and your customers would like to benefit from the Hookup on your website, please fill out the form below.

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