Below is a series of frequently asked questions and answers, which should help you get a better understanding of the Hookup Traction Guide.


How do I get the Hookup?

Getting the Hookup is easy! Review the three options available and fill out the form for the option that best suits your dealership. We'll be in touch with you after that to get everything moving.


How does it work?

The Hookup is based on a powersports eCommerce platform called vNext Technologies.

Let's say your current site is SamplePowersports.com. If that site is on the vNext platform, the Hookup can be added quickly and will be accessible from https://www.SamplePowersports.com/Hookup. This would allow the customer to have one checkout process, regardless of what they purchased on your website.

If you are not on the vNext platform, the Hookup will be available to you through a template. There are two ways it can be set up, depending on how you want to promote it:

1) Subdomain: https://Hookup.SamplePowersports.com
2) It's own domain: https://www.HookupSamplePowersports.com

This template would look like your website, but would actually be separate, meaning a separate checkout from other products on your website. Because of this, it is ideal for the customer, but not required, that your entire site be on the vNext platform. That way, they can purchase any products on your website and checkout at once.


How often does the Hookup get updated and who does it?

The Hookup Traction Guide recommendations are updated by the Woody's team periodically throughout the year. These updates (ie adding new models) will update on your site automatically.


Is there a contract?

The service is month-to-month. There's a contract with vNext that simply outlines requirements and limitations of what can and can't be done.


Is there a cancellation fee?

There is no cancellation fee. If the Hookup is not performing for you, we recommend contacting us before cancelling to see how we may be able to help.


How is there "higher ROI potential" with this app?

The original App Guide only processed orders through Kibo dealers on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you sent a customer to WoodysTraction.com to order products, the chance of your dealership processing that customer's order was very unlikely. This powerful tool allows you to keep customers on your site throughout their entire shopping experience… and you get all the credit for that experience.

Based on margin and average order values through the original App Guide, the average dealer will only need to process between 6 to 18 orders per year to break even depending on the option you choose


Are only Woody's brand traction products available in the Hookup?

Yes. The Hookup Traction Guide recommendations are from the traction experts at Woody's and are based on their products. Because of this, only Woody's brand traction products are recommended in the guide.


Can customers add multiple product brands to the cart, from both the Hookup and other areas of my website, and checkout at once?

Customers can add Woody's brand products to their cart directly from the Hookup Traction Guide results page. Any other parts or products available on the site can be added to their cart for purchase at the same time as long as those parts/products are on the same domain.

To sum it up, if your website is on the vNext platform, the customer will hve ONE checkout process. If your website is on a non-vNext platform, the customer will have TWO checkout processes: one for Woody's products added through the Hookup and one for products added outside the Hookup.


https://Hookup.SamplePowersports.com is a separate site from https://www.SamplePowersports.com. Adding parts/products to your cart on both sites will create two carts and require two checkouts.

https://www.SamplePowersports.com/Hookup is a single site, so parts/products throughout the site can be added to the cart and purchased at the same time. 


What pricing is used in the Hookup?

Product pricing in the Hookup is marked at full MSRP. All dealers are allowed to discount this pricing up to 15%, creating a MAP policy. You can control this discount in your admin.


Which option is best for me?

OPTION 1: Non-vNext Customer
You can choose to stay on your non-vNext platform and have a template site created with the Hookup Traction Guide. When you do this you can either access it as a subdomain to your current site (hookup.yourdomain.com), or create a stand alone domain (yourhookupdomain.com). What you choose to display on your site to display the availability of the Hookup would redirect the user the the vNext site with the Hookup.

  • Pros: Fast & easy setup, lower cost
  • Cons: Separate sites means separate shopping carts, so if a customer wants to buy Woody's products through the Hookup, along with products from your main site, they are shopping on two separate sites and will need to check out twice

If this option is best for you, click here to sign up.

OPTION 2: Join vNext Platform
Have a fresh, new website created, or move your domain to the vNext platform. When you do this, your site can include all of your authorized OEM parts and microfiche data. The vNext platform also includes nearly all of the major aftermarket product catalogs.

  • Pros: Creates the best experience for your customers because as a single site, they can purchase any of your parts and accessories, including those through the Hookup, and check out one time.
  • Cons: Compared to Option 1, a full site will take slightly longer to set up. This timeframe is based on your terms with vNext.

If this option is best for you, click here to sign up.

OPTION 3: Existing vNext Customer
If you're already a dealer using the vNext platform, this is the option for you.

Having the Hookup added to your site is very simple and comes at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Just click here and complete the form to get started.


Who do I contact with questions?

If you still have questions after reviewing our FAQ's, please reach out to our team:

General Questions
Katie Zawacki at Woody's | 989-689-4911 x116

Technical Questions
Jeff LaFleur at vNext | 714-676-4883
Robert Hipp at vNext | 714-676-4881

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