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Snowmobile Support Plates & Nuts

Think all support plates & nuts are the same? Take a closer look.  Look at the size, the thickness, the material. Woody's® support plates & nuts have a quality process and a testing criteria all their own.  

It is important the support plates and nuts are made of high quality material:

  • The washer acts as a fasting device and spreads the load of the pressures exerted on the stud.
  • The domed portion traps the track providing added strength.
  • The nut acts as a locking device to hold the stud and support plate in place. 

Woody’s support plates are available in various shapes and sizes so you have options with studding patterns. Nuts are included with the studs. Which nut is in the package depends on the length of the stud.

When you purchase your Woody's® studs, make sure the support plate is stamped with Woody's to ensure quality and optimal installation for reliable traction.

Our application guide will show you the options you have for studding patterns and the support plates needed to create the recommended pattern.

Snowmobile Stud Support Plate Options

Watch this video to learn more about the options you have for support plates and patterns. The Combo Digger is not in this video. For more information about the Combo Digger-go to this page

Competition Snowmobile Support Plates & Nuts 
Woody's Racer Support Store has our complete line of specialized support plate and nuts for competition.