Navigator™ Ski Protector

  • Protect new skis from wear
  • Fix slightly worn skis
  • Reduce darting as plate packs grooves and leaves runners with a fresh path
  • Will accommodate any single runner in the industry, as well as Woody’s Dooly runners
  • Sold as pair

Check each option to find the specific part that fits your ski:

    • NAVA-9975-1: Arctic Cat (2015-Current): Pro Lite, Pro Climb, & Pro Cross skis
    • NAVP-1300-1: Polaris Pro-Steer
    • NAVP-G100-1: Polaris Gripper
    • NAVS-2000-1: All Ski-Doo Pilot excluding: Pilot SL, Pilot R, and (2020 – Current: Pilot TS2, Pilot TX, Pilot X), and (2021 – Current: Pilot 7.4)
    • NAVS-TS20-1: Ski-Doo 2020 – Current Pilot TS2 Ski, Pilot TX
    • NAVS-X100-1: Ski-Doo 2021 – Current Pilot X
    • NAVS-740P-1: Ski-Doo 2021 – Current Pilot 7.4
    • NAVL-BXC100-1: Lynx 2022 – Current Blade XC+


Unsure of your stock ski(s) or part you should select for your stock ski(s):

Note: It is important to follow the instructions included with your Navigator. 

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