Our mission is to develop, manufacture, and market the highest quality traction and control products available.

Woody's is a second generation, family-owned business that was established in 1968.

Since then we have partnered internationally with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), trail clubs & groups, snowmobile organizations, race teams, and distributors in order to optimize our products and make them widely available. As a result, we are known today as the industry's premier producer of snowmobile traction products for safety and control.

International Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. | PTMIM - Proud to Manufacture in Michigan

Our Story - Woody's Traction


During the mid-sixties, the snowmobile industry was experiencing incredible growth, particularly in racing. At that time, racers competing in oval races would use three corner files attached to ski bottoms in order to carve ice and maintain control of the snowmobile, which then resulted in victory.

For James Musselman and his partner, Woody Kozlow, snowmobiling represented the key to future success. Using their knowledge of carbide wear characteristics, the two developed a process to attach carbide to a metal rod, in hopes of having more success than with corner files. They then handed this creation off to local racer, Dana Wiltse, who put them to the test. Their invention turned out to be a handling breakthrough, and racers throughout the region all wanted a pair of "Woody's" carbide runners.

Shortly after, a carbide-tip device was developed to install into snowmobile tracks to aid in handling and control. These devices, known today as a studs, transformed not only the world of racing, but also recreational snowmobile riding.

The Musselman family grew IEM from a part-time business to an international corporation, which is credited to perseverance, hard work, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to quality products.