Our studs have dominated the industry for over 50 years. From the track to the trail, we offer a variety of styles that will satisfy your need for safety, control, and performance.
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What Kind of Studs Do I Need?

There’s a good number of options when it comes top-performing studs for snowmobiles. Use the information below to help guide you, check out our stud selection guide, or get some advice from the experts at Woody’s. We love to help!

Trail Studs

Trail Studs benefit beginners, experts, and everyone in between who want to do any or all of the following:

  • Stop sooner
  • Take off faster
  • Improve safety & control
  • Enhance performance

Carbide tips penetrate the terrain and protect the stud.

Race Studs

Race studs are designed to put the power to the ground, whether competing in climbs, drags, ovals, cross-country, snocross, or speed runs. Most competition studs have:

  • Aggressive, performance-based shanks
  • Weight advantages
  • Features designed for a specific use

Aggressive tips like this are designed for performance.

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Studs vs. No Studs
What's The Difference?

Snowmobile studs optimize the handling and performance of your vehicle, while keeping you significantly safer. To put it into perspective, our friends at SnowTrax have demonstrated how a snowmobile performs with and without studs.

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