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Snowmobile Traction Videos

The following videos are available to help educate you on the importance and benefits of using studs and carbide runners on your snowmobiles. Vist Woody's YouTube Channel for lots of great How To Videos.

Snowmobile Track Stud Patterns

How many studs should I use? What pattern works best? The most common questions when it comes to studding your snowmobile are answered in this video.

Check the Templates-pattern images are available to download and review and the templates can be purchased. The Traction Application Guide will show you the best stud pattern and the specific template to create that pattern. 

Studded Snowmobiles Demonstration

Studded Snowmobile vs No Studs in acceleration & breaking illustration. A Slalom demonstration, then out on the trail where you really ride. Use the Traction Application Guide  to find the right studs and carbide runners for your sled.

Snowmobile Duel Runners Stop Drifting & Darting - Woody's Dooly & Slim Jim Carbide Runners

Poor traction reduces the performance of your sled & reduces the amount of control you have. Woody's Dooly & Slim Jim runners virtually eliminate darting. Stud acceleration & breaking is the other important part of traction. The trick is to balance the right amount of traction in the front vs. the rear traction. Check out the Traction Application Guide to find the right traction for your snowmobile.

Adding Woody's snowmobile studs is a must upgrade. Snowmobile studs are more of a safety factor than a performance factor. Even on a tight budget, leave enough money to install Woody's snowmobile studs. Demo installing Woody's snowmobile push throuh studs and how the length of stud to install was decided. The snowmobile studs need to be balanced with the amount of carbide in the runner. has an excellent resource to find the amount and length of studs to install and the amount of carbide in the runners for optimum balance and performance. Stick to what the pros recommend.