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Stud Your Tires With Woody's® Twist™ Gripper™ 


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Woody's Twist™ Gripper™ Carbide Screw for Heavy Equipment Tracks and Tires

The Gripper will stop slipping & sliding of heavy equipment and motion can be maintained no matter the terrain navigated. Studding your tires or rubber track lugs with the Gripper carbide tire screw will provide traction for trail groomers and other large, heavy equipment up and down icy hills, around icy corners and uneven terrain.

  • Reduces wear and tear on the side wall of your tires. Eliminates the need for heavy, hard-to-install, cumbersome chains.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Flat Carbide Tip. The weight of the vehicle keeps the stud in contact with the hard-packed snow, ice or mud.
  • Driver Friendly-Tight Trails, Ravines, Icy Hill and Corners. Saves time because you maintain your speed no matter what terrain you have to groom.
  • Available in 33mm length.
  • Solid brazed carbide tip.
  • 5/16" self- tapping high grade steel shank.
  • One person installation.
  • Installation Tool included in package! Part #: WST-TOOL-8
Part Number Package Description
WST-1035-100 33mm - WST-1035-100 - 100 pc. Pkgs.
WST-1035-500 33mm - WST-1035-500 - 500 pc. Pkgs.

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