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Woody's® Twist™ Screws 

Woody's® Twist™ Screws provide traction to waders, heavy equipment, and everything in between. These screws literally twist into the rubber sole/tread/lug* of your choice with the installation tool included in every package. Their carbide tip penetrates the terrain and supplies traction wherever it's needed. Twist™ screws stay in place season after season, and can be removed leaving your soles/tread/lugs fully functional. 

Our Twist™ Screw line comes in a variety of sizes and can be used year round, as they are compatible with all four seasons of rubber footwear soles, tires, and tracks*.

There are four lines of Twist™ screws to accommodate your traction needs: Grip-It™, Attack™, Boss™, and Gripper™.

Twist Screw Application Chart

The number of screw applications is limittless due to the variety of rubber soles, tire treads, and track lugs*. If you wish to stud your footwear, tires, and/or track* and are not sure which screw to use or how many, Woody's technical support is only a phone call/email away. 989-689-4911 ext. 450 or Ask Woody's Traction Experts.

*Not intended for use in snowmobile tracks.

This chart has some very basic suggestions for starting quantities. Remember, you can always add more.

Chart for Woody's Tire Studs with application guidelines.


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