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Stud Your Off-Road Tires with Woody's Carbide Tipped Twist Screws 

You know Woody's for our snowmobile traction expertise. We are offering you a reliable traction solution to stud all your off road tires with easy to install Twist™ tire screws.

Think about it. Forget everything about a vehicle except for how much tire is in contact with the ice, mud, dirt or rocks. Four small patches are what you depend on to accelerate, brake and steer. Install Woody's tire screws and maximize the performance of these small rubber patches and improve the handling on any terrain you are on. It just makes sense to stud the tires of your ATV, UTV, snowblower, tractor, motorcycle, backhoe or skid loader instead of installing tire chains. Any tire will benefit from adding Woody's tire studs.

Woody's Twist Screws are available in various lengths and shapes. They are designed for easy installation and staying power. Once they are in they won't come out until you take them out. One thing they all have in common is high carbon grade steel, a carbide tip and the Woody's promise of improved traction and a reliable, durable product. This chart has guidelines for length and applications.

Chart for Woody's Tire Studs with important spec. information

Because of the limitless number of applications and variables, it is not practical to include technical information for every tire and application the Twist tire screws can be used for. If you want to stud your tires and are not sure which screw to use or how many, Woody's has technical support a phone call or email away. 989-689-4911 ext. 450 or Ask Woody's Traction Experts

This chart has some very basic suggestions for quantities to start.  Try them out, we have small package sizes. If you like how they improve handling you can always add more.

Chart for Woody's Tire Studs with application guidelines.


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