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About Woody's & IEM

"For fifty years, International Engineering has devoted resources to maintain our position as the world leader in the rubber-tracked traction industry. Our mission is to develop, manufacture and market the highest quality traction and control products available."

Robert S. Musselman, President


Today, International Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. under the leadership of second generation family members, Robert Musselman, President and Mark Musselman, Vice President is working to diversify and expand into a multi-product manufacturer of traction enhancement for vehicles. Visit our product manufacturing site for a look at our capabilities.

Woody's is the trademarked name of IEM's private label traction devices and is the choice worldwide of motorsports accessory distributors, snowmobile and track manufacturers, off-road vehicles, racing champions, sportsmen and snowmobilers who want the very best in traction performance and safety.

International Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc., based in Hope, Michigan, is known worldwide as the industry's premier producer of snowmobile performance and safety traction products for rubber tracks. In the mid-sixties, the snowmobile industry was experiencing incredible growth, particularly in racing. For James Musselman and his partner, Woody Kozlow snowmobiling represented the key to future success. During the sixties, racers used three corner files attached to ski bottoms in an effort to carve ice to maintain control of the snowmobile and win oval races. Using their knowledge of carbide wear characteristics and by developing a process to attach the carbide to a metal base they developed the first pair of carbide runners and delivered them to local racer, Dana Wiltse. The runners proved to be a handling breakthrough and soon racers throughout the region wanted a pair of "Woody's" runners. A star stud for the track was added to the Woody's line, and they soon developed a carbide tipped devise to install in the track. This also became a handling breakthrough for the racers. It didn't take long for installing carbide tipped traction devices...studs... to become essential for racing and the norm for recreational snowmobile riders.

From this beginning, the Musselman family transformed Woody's from a part-time business to an international corporation. They credit their expansion to perseverance, hard work, innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality products. The trademarked name Woody's is synonymous with quality in snowmobile accessories and is as recognizable as the snowmobile Original Equipment Manufacturers wherever people ride snowmobiles.

International Engineering & Manufacturing , Inc. was established in 1968 in Hope, Michigan. IEM products are manufactured in the U.S.A.

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