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Woody's Traction Products

Please read the Limited Warranty description below to confirm your product falls under warranty replacement.  

Filling out the form below is the first step in filing a warranty claim with International Engineering & Mfg., Inc. Not filling out the form in it's entirety will delay your response. A Woody's Technician will contact you within 48 hours. Do not return the item unless you are instructed to do so. A return authorization number is required to return any merchandise. A return authorization number will be provided to you should a product return be necessary.

Track Clip Tool

KB Tooling provides a limited warranty for the track clip tool manufactured by KB Tooling. This limited warranty is enclosed in the packaging with the instructions. Woody's will facilitate warranty claims for KB Tooling. Please read the warranty for the track clip tool.

It is helpful if you send a photo of the problem. You can upload photos at the end of the form.

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Limited Warranty

International Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. warrants each product manufactured by it to be free from defects in material and workmanship under use for the purpose for which it is intended. The Company shall not be liable for damage or delays caused by defective materials or workmanship; is limited to the repair or replacement at its factory of defective article or part thereof, which may be returned to the factory, transportation charges, prepaid within one (1) year after delivery to the original purchaser. Proof of purchase is also required. The Company shall be the sole judge of the existence of any defect in the article so returned. No claims for charges incurred in the removal, disassembly or reinstallation of such article shall be allowed. Product manufactured for consumer use on snowmobiles is designed for snow or ice only, use on any other surface voids warranty.

This Warranty shall not cover any article which has been misused or neglected or damaged by accident or any article which has been altered outside the Companys' factory. The Warranty for studs is void unless the studs are installed with Woody's installation tools, support plates and lock nuts; following the directions in the installation instructions. This Warranty does not cover bending, chipping, flaking or carbide pin breakage or pin loss from stud wear, stud replacement labor or shipping.

The Company shall, in no event be liable for consequential damage or contingent liability arising out of any total or partial failure to function of any article manufactured by it or of any equipment on or in which it is used. Failure of a user to give notice to claim as to defect claimed under the provisions of the Warranty within one (1) year after delivery to original use, such claim shall constitute a waiver by consumer of all claims with respect to goods and equipment.

No express, implied, or statutory warranty other than that herein set forth is made or authorized to be made by the Company. All returned warranties will not be accepted without a return authorization number.

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Woody's® Manufacturer Warranty Returns

Fill out the Warranty Claim Form. A Technician will contact you within 48 hours. If it is necessary your product must be returned, a Return Authorization Number will be issued. Woody's will not accept any returns without this number.

The Return Authorization Number must be visible on the outside of the box. The product must be inspected by a Woody's technician to determine if the product is defective due to material, quality or workmanship before a final warranty determination is made. Proof of purchase is required. All returns to the manufacturer are for exchange only. Include an email address, phone number and shipping address with any returns.



You must read the instructions provided before installing traction products in your snowmobile track. Always follow the snowmobile or track manufacturer's instructions regarding studs and carbide runners. Consult your owners manual or snowmobile dealer.

Throughout these warnings, the term Personal Injury - includes but is not limited to bruises, contusions, lacerations, broken bones, infection, loss of sight or hearing, limb amputation, and death.

The term Damage to Snowmobile and Personal Property - includes but is not limited to damage to the tunnel, bulkhead, cooling system, suspension, skid frame, engine, idler wheels, and the track. Damage could also occur to nearby objects and structures such as vehicles and buildings.

Keep in mind that after the installation of Woody's traction and control products the performance of the snowmobile, as it relates to acceleration and steering, will be dramatically affected. Acceleration may cause the front of the snowmobile to lift rendering it impossible to steer until the skis firmly re-engage the terrain; also, if the directions concerning the number of studs relative to the proper size of turning carbide are not followed, installation of an excessive number of studs will cause the snowmobile to exceed the steering capabilities so that it will proceed straight when the operator intends a turn, a condition known as under steer. On the other hand, if too few studs are used compared to the size of turning carbide, the opposite result may occur, and the rear of the snowmobile will swing toward the outside of the turn, a condition known as over steer.

It is extremely important to follow the installation instructions and to operate the snowmobile in a very careful and alert manner.

Personal injury or property damage as described earlier may occur if the rear of the snowmobile is lifted above the surface. This is especially dangerous if the track is engaged, but even more dangerous if the engine is accelerated. In that circumstance the track is not under load, the RPM will be higher, and centrifugal force could cause breakage of the track, dislodged flying studs and track debris with resultant personal injury and property and snowmobile damage.

Personal injury or snowmobile and property damage could also occur if the snowmobile track, equipped with Woody's traction and control products, engages with stones, rocks, pieces of wood, clumps of ice, or other items that could become projectiles. Also, if for some reason, such as too few studs being installed, a stud becomes snagged, a stud itself could break off and become a projectile. It is, therefore, important that people and property, such as vehicles, not be positioned behind the snowmobile. It is also important to keep clothing and body parts away from a moving snowmobile track equipped with Woody's traction and control products. The studs could snag clothing or body parts and if that happens, personal injury or property damage could occur. If the installer uses square washers, support plates, or backer plates, these should be installed, and kept, parallel with the lugs and the side of the track. Failing to do this can cause the square washers, support plates, or backer plates, to dig into and weaken or damage the track and cause track failure which could result in personal injury or snowmobile and property damage.

Woody's recommends that snowmobiles equipped with Woody's traction and control products not be operated on hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete. If it is unavoidable to cross such surfaces, cross only at a steady slow pace just above the speed necessary to engage the drive mechanism. If this direction is not followed, the turning carbide can catch or adhere to such surfaces causing the snowmobile to stop and remain stopped with the risk that the snowmobile and its occupant(s) could be struck or injured by other vehicles, including snowmobiles, automobiles, and trucks traveling on hard surface roadways.

To reduce the risk of personal injury or snowmobile and property damage, it is important that the owner/operator/installer does not mix the manufacturer(s) of lock nuts, T-nuts, support plates, or studs, or stud length styles, or turning carbides.

Also, it is extremely important to read all literature associated with Woody's traction and control products and follow carefully the directions relating to stud patterns, the number of studs, and the number of studs related to the turning carbides in order to reduce the risk of personal injury or snowmobile and property damage. It is also extremely important to properly maintain the snowmobile and the track and to replace the track at the first sign of a break, a crack, a cut, a hole, or the presence of dry rot. Do not install or replace Woody's traction and control products on tracks or snowmobiles that show any of these conditions.

It is extremely important to follow the recommendations of the snowmobile manufacturer as they relate to installation of studs and turning carbides. Failing to do so can result in personal injury and snowmobile and property damage.

For trail use, Woody's recommends no more than 3/8 inch stud protrusion beyond the outer edge of the lug surface. If greater protrusion is present, damage to the bulkhead, track, and other structural and mechanical components of the snowmobile can occur.