Attack™ (32mm)

This Attack™ screw is 32mm/1.240″ long for use in Snowmobile lugs 31.8mm+/1.250″+. This reliable, carbide tip screw attacks the terrain and adds the extra bite that is sometimes needed on many Snowmobiles.


Click here to download Woody’s® Twist™ Specifics chart for further details on screw length to lug height application and recommended usage.



This screw couldn’t be easier to install/unistall with Woody’s® Twist™ Installation Tool, so stop slipping, and start gripping!

The Twist™ Installation Tool is required to install/uninstall screws from Woody’s® Twist™ line. Machined from steel, this solid tool has a fixed depth control to ensure proper installation. This easy to use tool is designed to preserve the lug while the 5/16″ shank conveniently fits on a 3/8″ drill.

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