Modified Chisel Tooth™

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Riding is more than a hobby to you, it’s a lifestyle. You rely on speed, precision, and control while competing. Racing is your passion and whether it’s an oval track, a drag strip, a hill climb, or a course, you’re in search of the most competitive edge. Riding Conditions: Ice ovals, ice drags, grass, dirt, snow, competitive courses, ski hills.  

The Ultimate Cheat Code for any ice oval racer – our new t-nut style directional chisel has a flat surface for the initial launch and hole shot, but now with its modified back side you can control the brake slide in the corners and continue to drive towards the finish during the exit.

  • Through-hardened carbon steel with a flat tip
  • Available in 8200 and 9200 lengths
  • Must be paired with a t-nut of the corresponding thread size
  • T-nuts not included. Purchase here.

Woody’s recommends snowmobile studs protrude 1/4″ to 3/8″ over the track lug.


When choosing your length, Woody's recommends snowmobile studs protrude 1/4" to 3/8" over the track lug.

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