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1860 Series

Item: RACE-1860-0

Overall Stud Length: 2.243", Threads: 5/16"


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Product Description

This Snocross stud was designed for the 1.750" track lug that comes on stock race sleds. Can also be used on trail sleds with 1.750" lug heights. 

  • For use in two-ply tracks and support plates
  • Through-hardened carbon steel with 60° carbide insert
  • 15/16" head with anti-rotation lines
  • Proper nut(s) included with stud(s). Purchase additional nuts here.

Looking for expert traction advice? Shop our Hookup Traction Guide to see what is required to take your riding experience to the next level, based on your stock snowmobile, riding style, and preferences.

Woody's recommends snowmobile studs protrude 1/4" to 3/8" over the track lug.

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