Chisel Tooth™ Traction Master®

A game-changer for ice, snow, and grass drags.

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Riding is more than a hobby to you, it’s a lifestyle. You rely on speed, precision, and control while competing. Racing is your passion and whether it’s an oval track, a drag strip, a hill climb, or a course, you’re in search of the most competitive edge. Riding Conditions: Ice ovals, ice drags, grass, dirt, snow, competitive courses, ski hills.  

A game-changer for ice, snow, and grass drags – this flat-tip, steel stud grabs serious surface area and propels you across the finish line in total control. Its patented Traction Master head cups the track for unbeatable rigidity and support.

*Chisel Tooth™ 1630 & 1860 do NOT have Traction Master heads*

  • For use in two-ply tracks and support plates
  • Through-hardened carbon steel with flat, steel tip
  • 1″ head with patented track trapping design
  • Proper nut(s) included with stud(s). Purchase extra nuts here.

Woody’s recommends snowmobile studs protrude 1/4″ to 3/8″ over the track lug.


When choosing your length, Woody's recommends snowmobile studs protrude 1/4" to 3/8" over the track lug.

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