Support PlatesFeatures & Benefits

A Woody's studding template, a couple tools, and personal preference is all it takes to customize your snowmobile with our wide selection of aluminum support plates. If you are more detail oriented, here's what you need to know:


  • - For most single and combination studding patterns
  • - Quick and easy to install - No indexing required
  • - Available in 8 colors



  • - For all single and combination studding patterns
  • - Excellent stud support
  • - Must be indexed so edges of plate & track run parallel
  • - Available in 8 colors



  • - Added performance
  • - Ease of track rotation
  • - Ease of installation with Woody's Triangle Indexing Tool
  • - Only available in natural aluminum



  • - Angles stud 7° in a pre-loaded position for instant hookup
  • - Ease of installation with Woody's Square Indexing Tool
  • - Special instructions for installation
  • - Only available in natural aluminum



  • - Weight reduction: One double plate is lighter than two single plates
  • - Increase scratch lines: Studs are able to install closer together
  • - Holds studs rigid
  • - Available in 8 colors
DID YOU KNOW? Woody's products are designed to fit and interact with each other. The stud, support plate, and nut form a complete unit.

Support PlatesKnow the Basics

All of Woody's support plates:

  • Act as a fastening device for studs
  • Spread out the load of pressure exerted on each stud
  • Are domed to trap the track and hold studs rigid
  • Must be paired with the appropriate size stud
    • Single-ply plates with single-ply studs/tracks
    • Two-ply plates with two-ply studs/tracks
    • Hole sizes with the corresponding stud shank size (5/16" hole: 5/16" shank | 7mm hole: 7mm or 1/4"-28 shank)

Deviating from Woody's support plate recommendations can result in track failure.

DID YOU KNOW? Woody's studs have a shoulder height designed to prevent support plates from being overtightened.

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