When to Buy Trail Studs

Trail studs benefit beginners, experts, and everyone in between who want to do any or all of the following:

  • Stop sooner
  • Take off faster
  • Improve safety & control
  • Enhance performance
TIP: Two-ply studs must be used in two-ply tracks and single-ply studs in single-ply tracks.
Carbide tips penetrate the terrain and protect the stud.

When to Buy Competition Studs

Competition studs are designed to put the power to the ground, whether competing in climbs, drags, ovals, cross-country, snocross, or speed runs. Most competition studs have:

  • Aggressive, performance-based shanks
  • Weight advantages
  • Features designed for a specific use
DID YOU KNOW? Many competition studs do not have carbide tips and should NOT be used in the trails.
Modified tips like this are designed for performance.

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